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Meet Miracle

As a little girl, I always was fascinated with cameras. Capturing intimate moments with my family and friends always brought me so much joy. Every year, my parents would purchase me a new point-and-shoot style camera for Christmas. The entire house would run from me because I would snap away for hours. My favorite subject was my beautiful mother. If anybody hated to have their picture taken, it was definitely her! Around my sophomore year of high school, I noticed a change in my mother’s willingness to take pictures with me. For about two years, my mother battled silently with cancer. She and my father kept the severity of her declining health amongst themselves praying that she would see a transformation in her diagnosis. One day, while listening to our favorite Michael Jackson song, “The Way You Make Me Feel”, my mom entered my room, sat down on my bed and we had an entire jam session on camera. After singing our hearts out, I took a picture of her giving me a thumbs up. Little did I know, that was one of the last photos I would have of her. 

On March 16th, 2011, my mother made her heavenly transition and lost her battle with cancer. It was at that

moment where my passion for photography and videography emerged. For years, I would gaze at the few

photographs and the video I had of her and reflect on everything that happened at the moment that I was able

to capture. The feeling that I felt was one that warmed my heart and has sustained me even in her absence. At that

moment, I decided that I would utilize my gift and capture memories for others that would last a lifetime.

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“A photograph of today is the history captured for tomorrow”

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